Strategy workshop for business market research 

The men and women responsible for business market research take charge of comprehensive tasks in project management and leadership. In so doing, they are frequently challenged – alongside their extensive operational work – with retaining the strategic overview and strengthening the consulting function in the company. Where do you presently stand? Are you purely a supplier of information, or at the same time a strategic consultant in committees empowered to render decisions? 

Our systemic management coaching helps you to enhance your function and to successfully develop structures, strategies, and your positioning in the area of business market research and to implement these successfully. 

Possible topics 

Vision and mission for operational market research, positioning in the company, team development, market research processes, and cooperation. 

A clear coaching process starts with your topic and concludes with a specific plan of action with controlling of the implementation. 

Course of the strategy – workshops:  

  1. analyzing the current situation objectively 
  2. clarifying the objective 
  3. identifying and activating resources 
  4. discovering new paths and creating a personal plan of action 
  5. accomplishing controlling by the participants and by means of a glimpse into the future 


Workshop: Basics of Market Research 

In the Basics of Market Research workshop, you will learn the basics of quantitative and qualitative market research and the opportunities for deploying and implementing them in the company. You will receive grounded insights into the techniques for collecting data as well as into dealing and assessing data. 

The market research seminar consists of the following modules: 

Target group: 

This seminar on the basics of market research is oriented towards all interested participants from the marketing, strategy, and sales departments who want to refresh or expand their knowledge of market research. We will be glad to take your individual guidelines into account for a seminar that is custom-designed for your company. 

Workshop: Creating coherent verbal concepts for new products and services 

Businesses are engaged in strenuous, constant competition in the realm of ideas; accordingly, they must develop products or services that solve their target groups’ problems, that speak to clients on an emotional level, and that create long-term commitment. 

Insights into future consumers’ way of thinking – in a word, consumer insights – as well as deriving the correct conclusions and problem-solving approaches are of existential importance for developing innovative products and new services. Thus, as the basis of a result-oriented market research survey, carefully formulated verbal concepts are deployed. 

Benefit and content of the workshop: 

In this workshop, you will become closely acquainted with verbal concepts as time- and cost-effective tools for determining the prospects for success of new products and services within the framework of a market research measure. You will deepen this knowledge through practical exercises. In addition, you will have the opportunity to develop formulation standards for your own company and to further optimize these in a direct exchange with the speaker. 

Target group: managers responsible for business development, innovation, marketing, or market research in companies that carry out tasks in the innovation process and in product development.  

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