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Market Research Consulting – The best insight
into the opportunities afforded by market research

Again and again, every company confronts market-specific challenges. Strategies to cope with these challenges seek new knowledge, scrutinize data anew, and attempt to optimize processes or to act more efficiently. Market research, too, finds itself in a continuous development process. Frequently, the necessary time or know-how is lacking to obtain a comprehensive overview of all market research opportunities, of the services provided by market research institutes, and of other sources of information. 

Our comprehensive know-how, coupled with an analytical approach and structured processes, helps you to realize your market research objectives and tasks in a purposeful, sustainable fashion. By means of our continuous exchange with institutions in the areas of research and science, alongside the proven methods we also use the most current applications and knowledge.  

We guarantee you state-of-the-art market research consulting! 

Consulting modules

In accordance with your individual situation, you will have the opportunity to assemble your desired package from the individual building blocks. BESTSIGHTBetriebliche Marktforschung Beratung Sabine Henjes Hamburg

Bottom line: the standard of knowledge

Many companies collect market research data over time, from the most diverse sources. Regardless of whether you conduct very little or a great deal of market research, a detailed view and a comprehensive bottom-line summary of the knowledge at hand will decisively assist you in configuring upcoming surveys in a productive, efficient manner. 

BESTSIGHT will support you in this effort. We sift through your studies and secondary data and summarize the most important benchmark data for you. You will receive – in precise accordance with your needs – a bottom-line summary of individual studies or of what is known in a product or marketing category. If necessary, we will furnish you pointers regarding opportunities for methodological optimization. In this way, you will receive a substantiated basis for future research needs. 

Recommendations for future studies  

On the basis of the knowledge at hand, we will define with you – in the personal initial meeting – your specific business objective, and from that, we will derive specific research objectives. We advise you concerning the suitable methodology of the market research, ensuring that your questions are reliably answered. 

Creating briefings and solicitations to market research institutes 

BESTSIGHT will support you in structuring the questions you would like to raise and with preparing them in a briefing, so that various market research institutes can make a comparable offer. 

On the basis of the briefing, we research and sift through suitable providers for you – nationally or internationally. After all, not every institute is equally suited to raise every question. In our research, we take into consideration the budget, the specific competencies of the institutes, and – as needed – your previous experiences with providers. We define the selection criteria, and at the conclusion you will receive a comprehensive comparison as well as a concluding recommendation for an offer. As needed, we negotiate prices for you, and review and formulate long-term master agreements in order to make optimal use of your budget. 

Interpretation of results and implementation in strategic recommendations for action

“Consulting begins where the market research presentation leaves off.” This is frequently heard in companies from marketing and market research decision-makers. Here is where we begin: we will support you with a neutral vantage point for interpreting the market research results. You will be in the position to beneficially implement the results for your subsequent steps with specific measures in the marketing strategy. 

Market research processes and knowledge management 

Market research in a company obtains significance if it is well embedded in existing structures. Yet this is not always the case. On occasion, responsibilities are distributed across various departments. Studies are assigned pragmatically and in the short term, or the results are retrieved in the internal machinery of various departments.  

BESTSIGHT assists you with implementing a structured marketing research process: we define both the individual steps for project management as well as the corresponding responsibilities. By doing so, we offer the advantage of flexibly integrating this process into your broader marketing processes. Raising questions and finding answers, along with innovation and communication, can be ideally integrated with one another. 

That also encompasses collecting the obtained information in a structured market research database, thereby increasing efficiency in purchasing market research studies and avoiding the duplication of knowledge in terms of double studies. We advise and support you with the substantive buildup, and provide pointers for potential technical providers in this area.

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