We received top-notch consulting from BESTSIGHT for our marketing research projects. The professional management of the studies – ranging from the selection of an ideal method, through the pitch to several suppliers, all the way to the quality assurance of the final presentations of results—has proved most helpful and absolutely merits further recommendation.

Christopher Ripp, Head of Marketing

BESTSIGHT Betriebliche Marktforschung Beratung Management

The co-operation with BESTSIGHT in the field of strategic market research studies has been very professional, reliable and well adapted to our needs. The co-operation was excellent both from the initial consulting phase and then through all steps of the project. Even after the project was finished BESTSIGHT provided us with sound advice based on both their expertise and personal commitment.

Miriam Pabst, Brand Management

BESTSIGHT Betriebliche Marktforschung Management Beratung

BESTSIGHT provided valuable support for us in screening our new television campaign. The consultation concerning the appropriate research approach and the solicitation at various market research organizations achieved an optimal price-performance ratio for us. The quality assurance of the process ensured a reliable, action-oriented strategic recommendation with a strong ‘news value’.

Marko Lange, Head of Group Marketing

BESTSIGHT Betriebliche Marktforschung Beratung Management

BESTSIGHT supported us during all stages during the process of a brand status study, ranging from the selection of methods and institutions used all the way to the presentation of results. The understanding that BESTSIGHT achieved, within the briefest period of time, allowed us to provide the bulk of the operative project management with a good feeling–which in turn meant that the burden on us was eased enormously. In personal discussions, BESTSIGHT always furnishes ways to get us thinking, and always obtains the most optimal results from the study. All in all, it meant tremendous added value for us to have BESTSIGHT as a reliable partner, from both an operative as well as a strategic perspective.”

Kirstin Brunkhorst, Marketing Director

BESTSIGHT Referenz Markenpositionierung

BESTSIGHT has supported us at defining the stages of market research along the entire innovation funnel. We are profiting from the experience and the expertise that have been flowing into our continuing international marketing developments here, and we are pleased to recommend BESTSIGHT further.”

Vesna Gray, Senior Manager Marketing Insight, Group Strategic Marketing

BESTSIGHT Betriebliche Marktforschung Research Management Consulting

BESTSIGHT moderated brand workshops with our marketing team, which pinpointed the broad variety of brand models and alternatives for our brand positioning. We have received decisive input for our brand strategy and its controlling by a highly professional and target-oriented consulting.

Dr. Tobias Bischkopf, Head of Marketing

BESTSIGHT Betriebliche Marktforschung Beratung Management


I can confirm that we succeeded in making an excellent decision by choosing BESTSIGHT for the analytical preparatory work and outstanding negotiations between BESTSIGHT and the alternative market research institutes. The objective of establishing a standardized test procedure for reviewing innovative conceptual ideas was fully met. We are very satisfied with the recommended institute.

Dieter Hartmann, Head of German Marketing for Consumer Products

BESTSIGHT Betriebliche Marktforschung Beratung Management

BESTSIGHT knows how to get straight to the heart of the matter: We are very content with their concise summaries based on an extensive range of studies linked to specific product areas. They offer a strong knowledge base and proposed valuable recommendations for our future marketing initiatives.

Corinna Presutti, Consumer Insights Manager

Wir sind von BESTSIGHT bei unseren Marktforschungsprojekten bestens beraten

With its results from a joint strategy workshop, BESTSIGHT superbly supported us at newly defining our market research processes. In addition, BESTSIGHT clearly structured the available information and summarized it with action-oriented conclusions drawn from it. We highly recommend this consulting and support.

Elke Hesse, Managerin Media & Marktforschung

BESTSIGHT Betriebliche Marktforschung Management und Beratung Sabine Henjes Kai Saalbach

Ms. Sabine Henjes from BESTSIGHT led me through an all-day individualized workshop. Working together with Ms. Henjes was a truly enjoyable experience, exemplifying professionalism to the utmost extent. She is goal-directed and oriented towards implementation. I can most emphatically recommend Ms. Henjes as a market research consultant and coach, for even after the training, she continued supporting me during the implementation. I am grateful for the numerous ideas and extensive inspiration we had that day. I shall most definitely consult Ms. Henjes again in the future whenever the need arises.

Veronika Fasching, Team Head International Market Research, MAM Babyartikel GmbH, Vienna

BESTSIGHT Betriebliche Marktforschung Beratung Management