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BESTSIGHT – The best insight into market research opportunities

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get relief from the burden of market research projects, and you extend a precious resource-time
quickly bridge personnel bottlenecks
receive cross-institutional recommendations for the best cost-benefit relationship
obtain certainty when making marketing decisions, by means of comprehensive quality controls of surveys and inquiries

What distinguishes us:

 #1 With us, every project is a matter for the boss
BESTSIGHT’s managing directors guide you, using their many years of experience as business market researchers. With a clear eye on strategy and implementation, coupled with inspirational impetuses that arise from the latest developments.

#2 A personal point of contact
From the outset, you’ll have an established point of contact who is always there for you.

#3 We understand your needs
We’re your partner — reliably standing by your side at all times, tackling the job at hand. References from our clients show a high degree of satisfaction with our performance.

#4 Market research is our passion
Our passion: promoting a company’s client orientation. Above all, one thing is certain: market research and client orientation have a major and significant influence upon your business success.

Sabine Henjes
Managing Director
Kai Saalbach BESTSIGHT Betriebliche Marktforschung Beratung Hamburg
Kai Saalbach
Managing Director

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